Mariupol Airlift

Open Message to US President Biden

Dear President Biden:

     While the focus of remains environmental issues, it is impossible to ignore the 24/7 news about the crisis in Ukraine. In particular, the plight of the besieged city of Mariupol is very desperate. the LA Times reports that fighting has already killed about 20,000 people in Mariupol and “an estimated 100,000 civilians remain in siege conditions, with no food, water or heating.” LA Times, April 18, 2022, page A1. The time has come for bold actions to defend the citizens of Mariupol. What we need is the equivalent of the Berlin Airlift to deliver hundreds of thousands of tons of humanitarian goods like food, water, gasoline, etc . Cf  (discussing the Berlin Airlift to break the Berlin Blockade).   

     Please cause our brave service people to airlift sufficient humanitarian supplies to Mariupol to avert a catastrophe. . #MariupolAirlft, #AirliftforMariupol, #BerlinAirlift, #Mariupol, #Airlift, #Ukraine.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Yamamoto