Brad Paisley at UCLA – a Nonpolitical Topic

I wanted to go off topic for a bit so here are my unschooled thoughts about the concert I saw last night.

Country Music Star Brad Paisley put on a cool concert last night as his last stop on his “Country Nation College Tour”. Although I have never been to a country music concert before, I really liked this event.  The open air concert was at in the UCLA tennis stadium.

The music was good, and the lyrics upbeat.  I think lyrics count. In my favorite song “River Bank” he waxes nostalgic about enjoying the simple things in life.

During these times when television, movies and music often glorify excessive consumption, the song lets the audience imagine a simpler life.

Also, the concert was filled with a melange of comic parts and ones that tugged the heart stings.  During one of the many humorous moments during the concert he sang the song he sang in a South Park cartoon.

How cool is that?

I definitely will listen to more of Brad Paisley’s music.


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